Jeff Dupont of Lake Charles – Louisiana

My now ex husband Jeff Dupont of Lake Charles was a liar an Cheater for many years, even though I never knew anything, he pretended to be happy with his marriage an we never missed going to church. out of the blue he said he wanted a divorce after 17 years an was gone the next day. He works at Westlake Chemical. He had told everyone I was the one that left and that had cheated, I get so angry about this, but I know he is the one with the problem, I was a faithful wigwam loved him unconditionally even with his porn addition. I cooked an cleaned everyday and we did everything together as a family. He didn’t care anything about his only daughter that he crushed when he left, he never said a word to her before he left. So he basically traded in his marriage, wife an only daughter for trash he found on the Internet in a chat room. Jeff Dupont u will get what is coming to u, KARMA is a b****.

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