James Beury www.rowan.edu/hom [email protected] 856-256-5381 James John Beury Rowan University 201 Mullica Hill Rd Glassboro NJ 856-256-4000 (856)256-5381JamesBeury

I was a innocent freshman Rowen University. James Beury works at Rowen University in student affairs. I did not know he was married and his wife also worked for Rowen University. James told me if we dated he could help me to get into classes that were full and get me scholarships. We dated for a while. James is a racist against blacks and is all about white power. I tried to break things off and James would not take no for an answer. James abused me and harassed me every single day non stop. I used to blame myself and thought I deserved it. James Beury would abuse me really bad with black eyes and bruises. James Beury threatened me not to report him to Rowen University. I no longer attend Rowen University. I was young when James took advantage off me. James Beury is a dirty old man and racist. James warned me if I had reported his KKK buddies would come after me.

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