Expose Cheaters Online Homewrecking Stalker Homewrecking Stalker – Pennsylvania

Homewrecking Stalker – Pennsylvania

Malinda Leigh Kriger has stalked a man since they were in high school and openly admitted to being obsessed with him. She sent nude pictures of her self to him frequently during his 5 year marriage. She befriended his wife and tried to convince her to leave her “loser” husband for 12-18 months. When the wife started working night shift. She would come over to engage in a sexual affair with the husband while their child was home. She then told the wife that her husband was giving up custody of their child so he would marry her. She then slanders the mother on social media calling her a dead beat mother. She knew he was married and has threatened him in the past. She breaks up with him every time she finds out he has had contact with his son. She doesn’t believe she’s done anything wrong and constantly rubs her affair in his wife’s face.

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