Expose Cheaters Online Cheaters Holly Budgell — Arizona

Holly Budgell — Arizona

This isn’t gossip. This is just straight up telling truths lmao So meet miss bud–ll, this poor excuse for a female is they type that doesn’t recognize she’s a piece of sidewalk litter herself. Let’s start with she REFUSES to move on from her mentally and physically abusive ex, and I’m talking so bad she was ditched on roads and physically thrown around. She’s not innocent either which is another kicker here too. She’s abusive in the same ways back. She claims they’ve broken up but yet, she will still go fuk him, and then get upset that he’s also fucking other women just as crazy which is absolutely hilariously ironic. She works at one of the local strip clubs on the Southside of the city and because of that, she thinks she’s on the same pedestal. No booboo, you serve drinks to trashy men, that’s it. She sleeps with random people she’s met, and of course alternates back to her ex, all of course unprotected so, that’s fuking classy. She’s fuking some married man from out of down and is deluded enough to actually believe this older man will suddenly one day drop his family obligations and be with her lmao giiiiiirl you’re not half the women you have appointed yourself as and you have NOTHING to offer this man besides a busted body and a entitled and lazy attitude. You can go anywhere without your bullsh1t makeup done, your trashy extensions done, and can’t look at yourself without a fuking filter.

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