Advertises himself on some internet connections/dating sites as seeking a female platonic pen pal, which seems to be true.

Posts an avatar image of himself, for anonymity, which, on first correspondence he freely admits does not look quite like him, but I later discovered that it is not at all misleading.

Immediately, in the first email/messaging communication with him he states he is in his mid-60s, retired, married (37 years), with grown children out of college and out of the house, 5’10”, 160#, fit, active, handsome, Caucasian, and educated.
We are about the same age.
He is “seeking a female pen pal, any age, any shape, any size, and any race, for fun, imaginative, warm and erotic email correspondence, with occasional meetups for coffee.”
He is not available for sex, and not seeking to change any relationship that one might be in.
Just in case you prefer to look before you jump in, he does share more about himself, providing links to his local community projects and activities, which greatly put my mind at ease.

And he does write, beautifully, and sometimes hot and erotic. And he likes the idea of being bad… kind of, and doing something a little naughty behind his wife’s back. You have to understand that we’re both in our 60s, so this, to us, is hot and racy stuff.
We also connected and video-chatted on Google Hangouts.

Living over an hour apart, we agreed to meet for lunch at a halfway point. As we met during a weekday, the restaurant was not at all full, so we laughed and chatted… for four hours! We split the tab.

Several times I probed him about the idea of, maybe, occasional sex, and maybe a rare all-day date or so, but he was not interested, so I gave up and told him that I was not interested in being just a pen pal.

I have his real name, which I will never share, and he also has my real name, as the exchange of personal information was a 2-way street.

You may ask: Why did I bother to post this here?
My feelings for him are still mixed, and bitter-sweet.
And I just wanted to add a little extra about this person that the online dating sights don’t seem to allow adequate space for.
Also, maybe it is unfair, but women are free to state that they are married on the online dating/connections sites, but men are immediately kicked out when they post the same status.
So, under the circumstances, GallantSage was somewhat vague in some parts of his online post.
Unfortunately, this website labels everyone as cheaters and frauds, which is kind of harsh in his case.

Just saying.

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