Expose Cheaters Online Cheaters EXOTIC VIVIAN IS A SCAMMER!


I arrange an appointment with escort Exotic Vivian and show up. At first glimpse her photos really made her look better than she really is in person. She is NOT attractive and ger skin feels like leather. So I head on in anyway.
Two days later I receive a message on my cellphone at like 8PM stating that she is going to contact my whole family and tell them that I hooked up with a tranny escort unless there was something I could do for her. She asks me for $1500 cash as a one-time gag fee. My heart was racing when I read this message, I didn’t even know what to say. In any event, I was hard up for that kind of money considering how much cash I had just blown on the whole experience two days prior. Anyway I’m stuck sitting here getting messages about how she is going to fire away the messages if I don’t meet up and pay the blackmail fee. I call her and she insists that it is a one time only thing and that will be the end of it. I agree to meet up and pay her.
The rest of the night I spend searching the internet on how to handle people that blackmail you. The best option unfortunately was to reveal the information to whoever it is and move on. I just hope that the escort keeps her word and doesn’t extort me further. Which I accept at this point is a real probability not a possibility. I try to get some sleep, but was up all damn night because I had never faced this kind of scenario before. I spend the next 3 or 4 days really stressed out. I’m so stressed that I’m considering just telling my family about what I did, just to feel better. Every time I hear a text message come in I don’t wanna look to see who it is in fear that its the extortionist.
Text message comes in from her. She makes some small talk. I reply with one word answers, because I know where it’s heading. Then bam she needs $500 more for her silence. At this point I would have had to emptied out what little I had left in my bank account if I wanted to pay. I realized that this was it though, that it will never end unless I do something, so what’s the point in paying for a few more days of being a nervous wreck. I told the bitch to go ahead and do whatever she has to do, but I also warned that I would be going to the police and reporting her for extortion, and that if I go down we both go down. She comes back with some more threats of making the story even worse than what actually happened, I say its your move next do what you gotta do. I was so nervous at this point. I also pointed out that I would be leaving nasty reviews on every message board that I could possibly find and include photos of her. I basically had pushed my chips all in and was waiting to see if she would call or fold. I blocked the number at this point, and was just waiting to see what happened.
Luckily for me she didn’t say anything. And all is well in my little corner of the universe. Still quite a shitty experience. So to anyone thinking about shacking up with Exotic Vivian in Miami thinking you are going to be getting some NSA fun, nah, you’re not. You’re going to get taken for as much money as you are willing to dish out.

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