Eugene Smiley aka Allena Burge Smiley puppet – Florida

I met Gene several years and we began dating shortly afterwards. He told me that he and his wife were separated and getting a divorce. He took me to his house on Crescent Oaks and asked me if I could live there? I said yes. Said he could not divorce her quickly because of her vindictive ways. He told me the divorce was final two years ago and we began to build a life together. Although I did not move in with him. He had several excuses. Recently found out that he is not divorced and that he remains married to Allena. When I confronted him about this he told me that he wanted a life with me and only me but that Allena is providing the monetary support for our relationship right now and that I needed to be patient. I decided this was not right. I told his wife about the relationship and she laughed it off. He has done this before. He will never leave her because she is the one with the money. She doesn’t care if he has relationships but he will always be with her. Women beware of this man and his empty promises.

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