Erin Whitcomb – Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, MD. We all know that city has the over overrated and horrible club scene the US has ever seen. The city is full of slores, and loose women, and murder. The woman pictured here is no different. Erin Lee Whitcomb is one of the most fakest, nastiest women you could ever meet. From what I know, she had screwed over 400 men, from cops to prosecutors, football players, and even some minors. She has slept with people like Chris Day, Chris Burrell, Nino Sylvia, Paul Imperatore, and Van Cummings behind Alex’s back. Back from 2010 to about 2013, she along with Alexandra Nichole Pratz, now Cummings, started the Bombshell Models, along with Rachel Ellinger, Jamie Rossmark, Angela Chu, and Beisy Pizarro. They thought they was the best thing since sliced bread. Seriously, they called themselves models? They look more busted up than a broken bottle. She is a backstabber, smiles in your face but yet really can’t stand you. She has gotten people fired for stuff they didn’t do. There was this one dude that was going to all their events, but damn, they were some ungrateful shanks. They did him wrong. She is very racist. My man Juilo out of Towson said that on several occasions they refered that there No. 1 fan that was going to all their events as the N-Word and said he should go back to Africa. If you go to her Facebook or Instagram, she has a picture of the Confederate Flag on her shirt. Its even rumored that she had a KKK outfit when she was younger. She is not cute. She got a ugly a55 nose, and don’t have a great body. She has had drds off and on since 2017 from what I was told. She need to be stopped. My man Wayne Craig, who also slept with her, said she is dumb as a rock. She is with that fake a55 of a promoter Brian Fisher. Run away from the sleazy woman.

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