This is actually a very disturbing video that captures an obviously extremely intoxicated Erin Marie Siegel clucking like a Chicken while her ex-friend Bill Rodriguez is trying to send out a nice Christmas message. At one point Erin slurs that she “Needs a Christmas shower”. An embarrassed Bill responds with “that’s very inappropriate but YOU DO NEED A SHOWER THOUGH”. 😮🤢💩
Erin is a STINKY TWINKY FISH TWAT CLOWN WHORE. No wonder she’s on her 4th divorce. I mean she was leading a double life posing as a registered nurse and lied, stole and is a horrible person too! That nasty girl is behind Dirty! #erinsiegeldenver #erinsiegelaesthetics

2 thoughts on “Erin Siegel Denver -STINKY TWINKY CLOWN CLUCKER 🤡

  1. Hahahahahaha nasty stinky whore. I heard she smells so bad that someone riding with her in the car had to roll the windows down. That’s nasty.

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