Erin Siegel Denver HUGE FRAUD

Looks like Erin ate the Twinky factory! After her 4th husband dumped her because she was leading a double life as a FAKE NURSE, she went off the deep end, got a DUI, Reckless Driving charges, lost custody of her daughter and literally put on 150 lbs. Curves are one thing but Rolls are another. This porky obviously has zero self respect whatsoever. 🐷🐷🐷
No wonder she always posts head shots that are seriously photoshopped – check out the deep, dark circles under her eyes and huge puffy face! Erin Siegel will always be a con artist liar about everything for the rest of her miserable life. Maybe she’ll choke on a Twinky! Oink oink oink – Classy lady totally passed out drunk on a picnic table wearing her best plus sized Muumu! She’s just 💯 disgusting! #erinsiegelaesthetics #erinsiegeldenver

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