Erick Means – South Carolina

Warning! Narcissist on the loose! – Erick Means is not what he presents himself to be! He lies! He cheats! He has verbally and emotionally abused his ex and their daughter. He loves to play mind games and make you believe you are the only one. But this is a lie! He will play victim each and every time rather than man up. He also hides behind his mother although he trashes her! He refuses to pay his bills. He never steps up to the plate. Women he will make you do everything and then blame you for everything that goes wrong in his life! It is all about what he wants when he wants and how he wants. He is non stranger to holding a woman down and hurting her so he can fill his sadistic desires! He places himself and his job and anyone else before his daughter as well as ex while they were married. He is a cold hearted POS!!! He gets off hurting women and children and associates with other men with criminal histories who don’t mind telling it that they like to beat women. He is dangerous!

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