Expose Cheaters Online Erica Murin Erica Murin – Miami

Erica Murin – Miami

Erica Murin is the type of girl that likes to flaunt her “lifestyle.” After her boob job it looks like she’s been living the life even though it took her 8 years to get a degree in HOSPITALITY. What does she do exactly? She’s a “model” with DAS model management in Miami and yet we’ve never seen her published anywhere. She’s constantly flaunting her expensive shoes and cars and yet there’s never anyone else in her pictures.

She recently took a trip to Dubai on “business” and yet there were no conventions or conferences going on at the time of her visit. Take a look at her pictures on Instagram: ericaleiggh. Not only that, she definitely buys her followers and her likes. There will be some pictures posted with no likes at all and some with 300. She’s also been arrested for trying to drown a woman in Escambia county.

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