Expose Cheaters Online Cheaters Enjoys Married Men and Bosses

Enjoys Married Men and Bosses

Has gential herpes and other STDs that she will lie about. Lies all the time. Will tell one guy that another is stalking her or harassing her, when it is her that is manipulating the entire situation. She begs them to come over…then tells others that they won’t leave her alone. She enjoys being choked…and swears she is clean. Don’t believe her. She enjoys married men…thinks it’s a game to get their attention away from their wives. She is a skilled manipulator. She has had multiple men during the same period of time all thinking that the others weren’t sleeping with her or that the others were stalking her…when in reality…she was playing them all. She is now engaged to a poor guy that has no idea how manipulative she is…why not ask her what really happened to her entire family….mom, dad, step-dad, step-brother…trust nothing she says… get the story from everyone else that she has been with

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