Ellen Turner

Ellen Turner is married to Phillip Edward Turner jr. They live at 627 Cedar Rd. Aiken SC 29803. Her phone # is 803-522-4722. Mary Fowler is her mom & Jason Wells is her brother. Her piece of shit husband has cheated on her many many times & he lies about it & she takes him back. I guess she likes sharing her man. He doesn’t shower after he fucks another woman and goes home & fucks Ellen. Phillip likes to talk shit about his wife & how fat she is & how he’s not attracted to her. So he cheats on her. He uses her so she will pay his bills for him. He moved out of her house bc he was trying to get with a woman he’s always wanted but as soon as he realized no one wants him but Ellen bc he is disgusting, he crawls back to her telling her all lies.

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