Edwina Richardson – New York

The unsavory and unholy alliance and corruption by and between the highest ranking member of the NYC Family Court, Chief Judge Edwina Richardson-Mendelson and the private, not-for-profit entity ultra-feminist and lesbian-front group Sanctuary for Families legal group, which solely represents women against men in the NYC Family Courts using the top 10 biggest and most law firms in New York City, regardless or despite how unfit the mother may be versus the father, has completely and totally drowned the NYC Family Court System in a morass of dirty corruption, cronyism, clandestine relationships, money exchanging hands, and injustice being rampant.

This corruption has been documented to have caused tens of thousands of NYC children being abused and winding up in battered homes with unfit mothers, good fathers being unconstitutionally ground into the dirt, bankrupted, and destroyed for no reason, drug addicted violent hookers being awarded children in order to extort trapped fathers for extortionately high child support payments, good fathers who have fallen on hard financial times to be jailed mercilessly because they can not get a fair trial (or a trial at all), children winding up beaten or permanently injured or killed or sexually abused or sold into slavery, innocent children being transferred across the country never to be seen again by the Child Protective Service (“CPS”) industry (called Administration for Childrens’ Services or “ACS” in New York City), and thousands of other needless tragedies that occur on a daily basis because of the wholesale corruption and financial rewards bestowed upon high-ranking members of the US Government NY Family Court, such as Chief Judge Edwina Richardson-Mendelson and her unholy and unethical and illegal financial relationships with ultra-feminist women’s groups like Sanctuary for Families and Safe Horizon, funded by International Jewish Communist and Neo-Nazi George Soros, whose only unstated and unwritten goal is to neuter and castrate good men and father’s financially, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, economically, physically, and patriotically.

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