Expose Cheaters Online Cheaters Dustin Looper – Cyber Sorcery LLC

Dustin Looper – Cyber Sorcery LLC

Dustin Looper who own Cyber Sorcery LLC and goes by many names on internet scam people out of money. For an example Teamrocket on facebook, instagram and ebay.

He scams people on ebay and Facebook for Pokemon cards. He has an active case against him by the Sheridan Wyoming Police Department Case Number: 19P002552

He also often creates false claims against people when he does not succeed in scamming them.

He creates false complaints on here and also creates Blogger posts about people with their home addresses, calls other people scammers and other vile names such as pedo, etc.

Do not do business with dustin looper and if he has scammed you or tried to, call the Police Department: Sheridan Wyoming Police Department.

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