Expose Cheaters Online Cheaters Don Maclellan, Edmonton, Alberta

Don Maclellan, Edmonton, Alberta

He cheated on me with several women several times, he contacted me recently a year after he ended it with me because he felt he had to confess to his cheating, it was just a way to get back into my life and to look like a changed man. He gave me a STD and didn’t even tell me about it, I had to find out on my own. He never uses condoms so who knows how many women he has infected or what he is carrying. He preys on women when they are at their weakest (I was in a really bad place in my life) and he made me feel like the most beautiful women in the world to him, that someone cared and that I was the only woman for him, that is how he reels women in but when I was no longer a benefit to him, I wasn’t convenient and I had made a mistake he threw me away like a piece of trash by ripping me back down to less than nothing, he broke me. He said and did the most horrible things to me when he decided to end it, like he really wanted to hurt me and he did. I tried to block him several times. When he decides he wants you back (he told me he does) he will constantly message and tell you what he knows you need to hear until you give in. It seems the more I say no, the harder he tries. He loves to play games with womens minds and hearts, he gets off on being able to manipulate them, it must be an ego thing. He is into weird sex stuff. He is a liar, extremely sneaky and a cheater. He can not be trusted. He has been with a lot of women maybe even hundreds which is funny because he is not good looking and he doesn’t have a lot going on in his life, so I can imagine the quality of these women. I am pretty sure he is sleeping with one if not all, of his female co-workers maybe even his boss if she is female because it seems he only sleeps with women if there is a benefit in it for him. Power trip. I am almost positive he is still with several women. Save yourself the mind fuck, the broken heart and from getting a STD. Stay away from him. If you have been with him recently get checked.

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