Expose Cheaters Online Cheaters Do NOT be Fooled by José Reyes Flores

Do NOT be Fooled by José Reyes Flores

First let me say that I’m not reporting my ex because I’m hurt or angry (even though I am). I’m reporting him because I never want another woman to be so hurt and taken advantage of as I was. You see, his adult children tell me that this has been his lifelong pattern (although they had so hoped his meeting me had caused him to change).
So, this is how it all started…Jose Reyes Flores (also known as Joe Him, Joe Kings, Joe Reyes, and Joe Yong) approached me on Facebook Messenger, using the alias Joe Kings, after reading a friend’s open post to me. We messaged back and forth for awhile and he told me everything that a woman wanted to hear. After a little while, he messaged that he was sad because he was going to spend his birthday alone and that I should visit him for it. I thought why not, the airfare was cheap and I was already very interested in him. We had a really good couple of days together and promised to stay in touch.
For the next couple of months, we messaged each other multiple times each day, voice messaged numerous times, and video chatted frequently. Then he invited me to return for a longer stay.
This time I stayed for two glorious weeks. He told me that I was beautiful, wonderful, and the woman he had been searching so long for. He introduced me to his son. He said that he wanted to marry me. I returned to the USA to take care of things.
Fast forward a few months, I returned to live in Mexico. After I returned, he worked long hours and was usually too tired to do anything with me. He showed me around the area, helped me find a great apartment, and introduced me to his kids and friends. But then, things started to change. And yes, I should have seen the warning signs, but I was so in love with him that I chose to ignore them.
About 13 months later, his latest lover messaged me to tell me that he had been involved with her for the past five months and that he asked her to move to Puerto Vallarta to live with him. She also happily reported that he had been cheating on me almost continuously and that he had told her and the other women that he only stayed with me because I provided him a better lifestyle and bought him nice gifts.
So, ladies, please do not fall for his charm like I did. HE COST ME MORE THAN ONE YEAR OF MY LIFE AND SEVERAL THOUSAND DOLLARS! If he approaches you on Facebook, BLOCK HIM! He has a silver tongue and just like the serpent he will charm you very quickly. Do not let him get close to you because he will never change. He is only interested in HIS OWN base desires. Even his adult children want nothing to do with him and have given up hope on him ever changing. So, do yourself a favor and never message or chat with him. He is currently living near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I’ve included a photo, so you will know him when you see him (in case he starts using a different alias).

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