2 thoughts on “Diego MasMarques – Marlborough, Massachusetts

  1. Christine Richard @richardorionllc,
    @rini_webber Renne Hom and Aaron Greenspan @aarongreenspan. We are asking you to stop these posts. We’re are fully aware you are behind it.
    shame shame shame.

  2. Why isn’t Law Enforcemet taking immediate action against Aaron Hreenspan and criminally charge this Insane Sociopath for Serial Harassment, Stalking, Hacking, Firging Court Documents, Lying to the Courts and Police, getting people fired from their jobs, wrecking people’s reuptations, ripping of the Federal and State Governments by not paying his taxes on earned income and playing games with a fraudulent 501(c)(3) to commit Continuous Tax Evasion and Fraud, requesting monetary donations for a fraudulent 501(c))(3)Think Computer Foundation and Think Computer Corporstion.

    We will file as many IRS and FBI IC3 complaints that it takes until this individual is locked up and sent to props on. When he comes out of prison and doesn’t get a real job and continues to ruin people’s careers and reputations we will be there continuing complaints against this Sociopath.

    What are the Courts and Police afraid of when it comes to doing the tmright thing for society and that is to criminally charge, arrests and send this social pariah to prison once and for all. Society doesn’t need a know it all Psychotic Sociopath messing around with the public’s personal legal documents. Please Courts and Police do the right thing and send this Criminsl Aaron Greensoan to prison. He is not above the law!

    This Sociopath thinks that First Amendment was only written for him as if he is special or something.

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