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Diane Bandy aka diANtinatalist of McCandless, PA

Known as diANtinatalist on YouTube, this selfish, attention seeking, cheater tries so hard to be a cougar, but looks ridiculous! How could anybody find this to be attractive? How can anyone take this screwball seriously?

Diane Bandy is married to a doctor, but spends all of his money on herself. She is one of these as$h0le vegans who thinks that her $hitty, useless, college degree puts her in a higher social class. Diane calls herself a dog rescuer, but in reality, she is a dog hoarder who lives dirty. Her house caught on fire this year, and firefighters reported to the news that the place was a hoarder’s domain. Her poor husband deserves better than this self-serving, loser for a wife.

Years ago, Diane flew to the UK to fool around with this broke, bipolar man whom she met online; named, Terry Grigg. This guy lives in a caravan/camper somewhere in Inverness, Scotland. Diane left her doctor husband behind to go fuck a depressed creep who lives in a trailer! Not long after Diane was in the UK, Terry grew tired of this married woman throwing herself on him all the time. Her wastefulness and materialism didn’t win him over either. She ended up triggering his mental illness and he ended up unfriending her and deleting her on social media. Then he blocked her and ghosted her. Diane was so butthurt, that she put Terry Grigg on Dating Psychos and announced to the world that he can’t kiss and has erectile dysfunction. So, basically she told on herself, by admitting that she had cheated on her husband with Terry Grigg.

See for yourself how mental this whack job is! This circus freak is basically a 60 year old hag who tries to act young, but makes a complete fool out of herself. She’s good for a laugh, but do not take her seriously. Honestly, it’s best to avoid this narcissistic woman. She is not the do-gooder she prides herself on being.

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