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Diane Bandy aka diANtinatalist – McCandless, PA

This child-hating, dog hoarding, adulteress is an absolute train wreck!

Meet Diane Bandy who lives in the Pittsburgh area of Pennsylvania. She goes by many names, usernames, and aliases:

Diane Elaine Bandy
Diane Bandy-Ku
Di Bandy
Di An Brandy
Childfree diANe

Diane is married to a doctor. While her husband is out all day working, you will find this egotistical tramp at the mall, spending all the money he makes, lavishing on herself. Diane Bandy claims to be a selfless dog rescuer, but doesn’t spend as much time for her noble cause as she has others believing. This much older woman is a barfly who is often seen in bars with a margarita in her hand, flirting with men! She is usually all dressed and painted up, whoring around and running the roads, while her husband works. Diane Bandy makes lame videos of herself, on YouTube, under the names: Childfree diANe and diANtinatalist. Her videos are usually about the same old bulIshit topic: “Why parents are selfish and why humans need to stop breeding.” This woman has no room to talk about anybody being selfish, with all the time she spends on herself, traveling, pampering herself and having sex with other men.

This woman loves to create drama by being a local media whore, over her “so-called” pet rescue. Diane is an extremist who harasses people about things she personally doesn’t like. This woman stalks mothers and takes pictures of them in public places, accusing them of bad parenting. She really hates dog breeders and verbally berates them, in public. Diane has been cited and arrested more than once for being a public nuisance. This woman is nothing but a menace, disguised as a Good Samaritan.

Earlier this year, Diane and her husband’s house caught on fire. ? Inside the house, they found close to twenty dogs! News reporters and police noted they were dealing with a hoarding situation. Diane Bandy is a hoarder! She is an animal hoarder and a compulsive shopper, buying shit she doesn’t need! Diane stuffs her house to the ceiling with junk, which is a fire hazard! The news reporters did not give out names, because Diane’s husband, Dr. Andrew Ku is a neurosurgeon and a pillar of society with all the work he does and all the donations he makes. But it should be known that Dr. Ku’s wife who praises herself as being an animal rescuer, is nothing but a dog hoarder who neglects her dogs. Diane leaves her dogs behind several times a year to travel the world. She expects her husband and other people to care for her dogs, while she flies to Europe and to other places to have affairs and spend thousands and thousands of dollars on herself, that she does not earn, herself.

One time, Diane flew to the UK ?? to fool around with this broke, bipolar man whom she met online; named, Terry Grigg. This guy lives in a caravan/camper somewhere in Inverness, Scotland. Diane left her doctor husband behind to go fuck a depressed creep who lives in a trailer! ? Not long after Diane was in the UK, Terry grew tired of this married woman throwing herself on him all the time. She ended up triggering his mental illness and he ended up unfriending her and deleting her on social media. Then he blocked her and ghosted her. Diane was so butthurt, that she put Terry Grigg on Dating Psychos announcing to the world that he can’t kiss and has erectile dysfunction. So, basically she told on herself, admitting that she cheated on her husband with Terry Grigg.

Diane Bandy often meets men online in anti-natalist discussion boards and then later meets up with them, in person. These miserable people are mental cases who are angry with the world! They hate children and worship abortion. They use the excuse that the world is overpopulated and that children don’t ask to be born. These egotistical twats don’t give a shit how kids think or feel. They hate children simply because children invade their selfish world of fun and travel! These self centered adults call heterosexual parents breeders! They accuse parents of being selfish! LOL! ? Diane Bandy, herself, is the epitome of selfish! This loose cheater thrives on non-stop self gratification, while her husband and others cater to her. She, along with her self-centered, anti-natalist friends find it uncomfortable when they’re at a public place and a family with small children appear. They especially hate it if the family is white! These anti-white, left-wing, vegan freaks seem to tolerate black and brown people procreating, over white families.

Diane often brags about how educated she is. She received a four year college degree that is basically worthless, for she never really used it for establishing a worthy career. Obviously her reasons why she chose to go to university were to party, have guilt-free sex and to upgrade her choices of finding a husband. But the main reason of all, is for her sick pleasure of shoving that piece of paper in other people’s faces, emphasizing that she is far superior and they are beneath her, because she has a bachelor’s degree. So what?! Millions of people have university degrees anymore. Diane Bandy and her useless degree are a dime a dozen, these days. This waste does not rate to be an education snob. She’s a joke!

See for yourself how mental this whack job is! This circus freak is basically a 60 year old hag who tries to act young, but makes a complete fool out of herself. She’s good for a laugh, but don’t take her seriously. Honestly, it’s best to avoid this narcissistic woman. She is not the do-gooder she prides herself on being.



Firefighters Find Hoarding Conditions In McCandless Home, Woman And Dogs Rescued

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