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David Rosenberg of Rosemount Media (aka CleanYourName.com)

Beware of David Rosenberg of Rosemount Media (aka CleanYourName.com)!

Beware of this bottom feeder scumbag “internet reputation management company,” who also goes by the company, “cleanyourname.com” or “Rosemount Media,” whose location is in the heavily Hasidic Jewish section of New Jersey at 701 Cross Street, Suite 209, Lakewood New Jersey 08701.

If you Google this prick, you will find that he also owns a “junkyard” or “trash removal” service called “Rosemount Cleanouts” at the same address and phone number of (732) 523-0244.

His other number is (212) 433-2255.

This criminal’s email address is [email protected]

This extortionist has a little bit of a “too close relationship” with such internet grip sites such as complaintsboard.com, dirtyscam.com, and others, wherein he claims that he has the “power” to not only get rid of certain negative internet postings, but also to “put them back up” if you don’t pay him his extortionate demands of tens of thousands of dollars per website link.

He also purposefully removes only a few of the links against you, while leaving others up, so as to force you to pay even more money.

This bastard also probably puts negative defamation links up if he finds out that you will pay him, so beware and be careful.

Based on his “business practices” there is no question that he is currently under active investigation by both state and federal law enforcement, might even be Israeli Mossad to ruin/hurt competitors online, and if he has not been indicted or arrested soon, he will be shortly.

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