Expose Cheaters Online Uncategorized Danial Isa-Kalebic, Gigolo from Brunei

Danial Isa-Kalebic, Gigolo from Brunei

Danial Isa-Kalebic is known as a buddy to the prince of brunei, mateen, who’s the 4th in line to the throne. he’s also anisha’s brother danial is a gigolo that live his life off old rich women that are much older than him with wrinkles and spots on their faces that breath terrible smell like skunk. danial has finally engaged to janetira attaskulchai of thailand, after many years sucking her nipple and pussy as a cat, that janetira would help him gain financially. she’s on the board of the attaskulchai family that makes vitamin drinks in thailand.
Danial Isa-Kalebic has acted as a friend to mateen while sending his sister anisha to mateen’s bed. the set up is for the kalebics to gain place and money. the kalebics include Marina Isa-Kalebic, danial and anisha, they were fathered by a croatian labor man whom worked in manger to wash horses.

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