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Christina Galindo

biggest sloore, will sleep with anyone with money n loves to have multiple sugar daddy’s that nobody knows about paying for her living. she’ll posts stuff like ” oh how I wish ppl had good hearts ”yet go sleep with married men and ruin relationships. hmm. take your own advice and stop sleeping with taken men for no intentions other than to pass time for yourself while you just destroyed a relationship/marriage. you should see the pounds of makeup she’ll put on with a pushup bra then webcams with guys for $$$ ”gaming” while looking like a porn star, I mean just look at her gamer photo. stay clear unless you want your time wasted n if she knows you have money, she’ll work OVER TIME to make you think she’s all into you genuinely just so you continue to chase her ass around like a kid n take her to fancy dinners. her mentality matches her age. young and dumb.