Expose Cheaters Online Cheaters Bridges Inc. Drug Addiction Counsler Jillian Quist /Jillian Jones questioned Client about Bestiality!

Bridges Inc. Drug Addiction Counsler Jillian Quist /Jillian Jones questioned Client about Bestiality!

I’m currently going through Court proceedings for child custody and child visitation and I’m having to submit drug testing to this lady Jillian Jones at Bridges Inc in Sacramento CA. I recently stumbled across some of the things that she partakes in and I feel really uncomfortable with this because Jillian actually mentioned to me about dogs and how she had a great affinity for them nothing in a sexual manner but kind of hinting innuendos so I just kind of dismissed it and then I stumbled across this online and I’m absolutely floored I cannot believe what I read and what I’ve seen and I can’t have this lady as my therapist any longer and I can’t even believe she’s working at Bridges Inc and how they can hire somebody that was convicted of bestiality criminally in 2019. How can I feel comfortable with Jillian with something so important of mine being handled by a woman that has so many indiscretions involving her life and she could potentially wreck my life for whatever reason because she’s so haphazard in the way she conducts her life.  I’m appalled and totally shocked that Bridges Inc would hire somebody like this and as I understand from what I can see online she’s recently engaged in more sexual acts with dogs even though she’s on probation from her bestiality charge I mean this is all just come to me in the last week when I was online and I’m in absolute dismay I’m going back to court next week and I’m going to be inquiring how a women like this can hold the job through the country which has contracted with Bridges Inc. I’m shocked abt this woman. you’re talkin she fuck dogs she sucks their dick she makes videos of it and she had sex with several dogs when she was pregnant with her son unbelievable like wow dog dick is that important that you want to do it while you’re pregnant?



Public service announcement. All pet owners please be on high alert in Placer & Sacramento county’s. Jillian Jones aka Jillian Quist has relations w/ animals particularly dogs mastiff & great danes in particular. She will go small game hunting as well W/ Poodles. NO MALE DOG IS SAFE W/ HER. from Roseville









Ryan Quist likes to stretch hymens in incest role play and Jillian likes to throw Makennas name out into PORN LAND!! Bridges inc. #1 Doggy Slut and Jillian is ADDICTED TO TAKING DOG DICK IN HER SLURPYDOGPUSSY!!





I’m online right now and I can see whatever the situation that Jillian is actually I guess on the loose looking for dogs in doggie heat I’m not really too sure exactly but they’re online right now the doggie patrol people that are keeping an eye on these bestiality mongers so this is just crazy.

“This is a very fluid situation & please maintain a neutral aggressive very 4 point stance as this is very fluid very volatile and we do expect an apprehension here shortly this is very imperative that this lady Miss Jillan Quist or Jillian Jones gets off the streets and under supervision and psychiatric evaluation to curb her massive massive episode of doggy heat”