Expose Cheaters Online Cheaters BC Ferries Unlawfully implements Apartheid in all its policies

BC Ferries Unlawfully implements Apartheid in all its policies

There is a growing backlash and a public resentment over BC Ferries’ apparent implementation of the apartheid in much of its policies. “This is being advocated all the way from the top of the all-white board of directors trickling down to the crew and middle management” says one BC Ferries Anti-Apartheid activist: “The board of directors and middle management is incompetent, racist and needs to be replaced with a multi cultural board of directors and management to avoid this apartheid style of management” BC Ferries has been recently highly criticized by various angry communities across BC for hiring only whites staff and for their harsh treatment of non white passengers. Both Provincial and Federal laws prohibit discrimination in Canada and currently, various government organizations are currently investigating whether or not BC Ferries senior management and board of directors have violated The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. If sufficient evidence is found to indicate discrimination is being advocated at BC Ferries, then both civil and criminal actions can be taken against the board of directors and senior management at BC Ferries.

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