Lying cheater Ata Abdallah and I are Married with 3 Children. Over the years of our unsuccessful marriage, he has abused and cheated on me many times. This has torn out my heart and ruined most of my adult life. I cry out to the world to TREAT THIS MAN AS HE HAS TREATED ME. He carried on affairs at work. Has driven across state lines while unemployed, using MY MONEY AT THEY ABBEY MOTEL, IN HUNTINGTON STATION LONG ISLAND, to cheat with OTHER MEN’S WIVES. All of this should be a crime and he should answer for his crimes. He worked at WILSON DENTAL in Syracuse, where he cheated with another mans wife whom was a patient there. I have been deeply scarred by him and if nothing else. HE SHOULD BE KNOWN FOR WHAT HE IS. A LYING, ABUSIVE, CHEATER!!!

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