Expose Cheaters Online Cheaters Ashley Merks — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Ashley Merks — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

This is Ashley merks. She pretends to be such a great person but is actually cheating on her husband. She travels on company business, time and money and sleeps with her co workers. Even when they tell her they are in a relationship she continues. She tells them how she has fallen for them and is thinking of having children with them. She pursues them in bars and users her friends and her own mother (sad example of a woman) to cover up her affair and watch her dog while she is keeping with other people in hotels in Pittsburgh. She also loves to sleep in the children’s bed of the person she is having an affair with and invites them into her marital home when her husband is away on business. Disgusting person. Ultimately got dumped and found out by her husband who is a fool.

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