Expose Cheaters Online Cheaters Anthony Sokolowski Mentor, OH

Anthony Sokolowski Mentor, OH

Ladies look out for this broke, divorced, cheating asshole. He has cheated on every woman he’s ever had a relationship with since he was 19. He’s a balding man of 47 years from Mentor, Ohio. I am reporting him so woman won’t be conned by his bullshit or believe the lies that dribble out of his mouth. His mouth is full of coffee stained teeth. He’s fucking gross up close ladies. I just found out this loser moved into the home of his pathetic, naive, average looking girlfriend that HE has been telling other woman that he’s NOT serious about, that she’s NOT his girlfriend, that he’s NOT attracted to her, that the sex with her is boring, and that he’s only been seeing her for 3 months (when It’s been a year). He hooked up with my friend, who was unaware he had a girlfriend. His crazy girlfriend went through his phone, she contacted my friend when she saw the texts that confirmed he fucked her. She asked my friend for a threesome because HE wanted one. Apparently, it is his fantasy. Stupid girlfriend, knew he cheated, and was willing to do it to keep him. He can’t keep a job. He’s trying to earn a living by giving baseball lessons to children. It’s getting colder, days are getting shorter, kids are in school. You do the math. So, he moved into his girlfriend’s house because he couldn’t financially support his own tiny rental home and his own child support with his meager earnings. Also, most likely so his dumb girlfriend can keep an eye on him, while they play house and SHE pretends they are married. Although, he’s been talking to and hooking up with other woman during the entire time he’s been with her, don’t feel sorry for the girlfriend. More than twice, she has been told he’s a cheater. He continues to make a fool of her. At this point everyone just laughs at her. She just paid for them to both go on vacation. She continues to make excuses for him. Sad that she is the role model for her young daughter. Dumbass woman finds she’s only happy when she is with a man, any man. This is what her daughter witnesses. The girlfriend is so very stupid. The woman obviously is a result of her own alcoholic and drug past (it’s in court records) or inbreeding. She has proven that she lacks the common sense to make appropriate adult choices for herself and make her children her first priority. She’s been divorced twice by the age of 40 and has kids from each marriage. She hops from man to man. Lives with them as she moves along to the next, and to the next, bringing her children along. Men come first, not her kids. She’s a real catch men. SMH She wants to get married again, for a 3rd time. Girlfriend is a delusional nut case and everyone knows it, even her 4 friends. She believes everything that Anthony tells her. He continues to talk about her behind her back, telling people she’s smart, but has no common sense, that she will never find out about the other woman and that she will always believe him. He’s even stepped up his game and deletes shit off his phone before she goes through it. His friends lie for him. He doesn’t see a future with her. He tells his friends that she is good for now and that she’s nice. (Truthfully, she is just nice.) He tells her things to make her happy so she doesn’t nag him. He tells her what she wants to hear, that they have an actual future (I just laughed out loud). We are embarrassed for her being with him. Finally, my friend can confirm sex with him is not worth the effort. It doesn’t last long because he can’t handle the cardio, he gets tired too fast. His dick is absolutely nothing to talk about and it smells bad. Be careful if you dare.