Expose Cheaters Online Cheaters Anthony Sokolowski from Painesville, Ohio

Anthony Sokolowski from Painesville, Ohio

Our good friend’s loser boyfriend and his kids moved into my friend’s house with her kids. I thought he was sketchy so I researched him. He is 48 years old and can not keep a job. He continues to hook up with women and talk to them behind Samantha’s back. He has cheated on every relationship he’s ever had, including his marriage. His friends know his truth and will lie for him. He talks to women and tells them he doesn’t have a girlfriend and if perhaps he feels like being somewhat truthful, he will say he doesn’t have a girlfriend but has gone out a few times with Samantha and it’s not serious. He’s told people he doesn’t see a future with her, that he’s not attracted to her, and the sex is boring. My friend Samantha, has had random women contact her more than 2 times to tell her he’s a dog. Look at his picture, he’s physically no prize. She hasn’t any common sense and is too trusting when it comes to men. We absolutely hate this fucker and wish for the sake of her children and her sanity, that she would get rid of him. Sam if you are reading this, Donnie is a diamond, this guy is a piece of selfish piece of shit. You believe his lies and it’s become embarrassing. We know he talks bad about you behind your back. People know of his reputation and know what he’s about. They laugh at you behind your back because of the things he says. He’s taking advantage of you. He never admitted that he lived with you for months. He is a compulsive liar and womanizer. Why do you hate yourself so much that you would put yourself through this? You can get so much better. He is a horrible person. For the sake of your children, let this guy go. Trust your friends and the people that tried to tell you months ago. Anthony is using you. Do not feel sorry for him. There is a reason why bad things happen to him. It’s not because he’s unlucky, it’s because he’s a bad guy. Your real friends have tried to tell you. At this point we are embarrassed for you. Think of your kids.