Andrew walters is crazy watch out – Alabama

Andrew Walters lives in new hope Alabama , his parents live in Huntsville al at the leges . has a lot of issues in his life. He drives a Toyota pick up that his parents bought him, lives in a house that they gave to him. He has no respect, nor remorse for people that are or have been around him. He has anger issues really bad . Beats women , cheats , lies . He has never had a real job, and can’t hold one at all. His parents are taking care of his daughter due to him being unstable parent. He will blame you for things that are his fault. Ladies he is really unstable and not safe to be around. Has done drugs in the past. He needs to be put behind bars for the shooting at his house that he has caused . Look up the new hope shooting . He is responsible for having people in danger, one death !!!! Every where he goes trouble follows

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