Expose Cheaters Online Cheaters Alex(ander) Charmchi ubc eSports rapist

Alex(ander) Charmchi ubc eSports rapist

I met Alex was during club days this past sept 2019. I was just walking thru looking at different clubs and he waved me over. We talked for a bit, and he asked for my insta. I was eager to meet new ppl since this is my first sem here at ubc. A week later he messaged me inviting me to grab a bite with him at loafe cafe. I didn’t have class that afternoon, so I met him up. The place was about to close so he suggested we take our food to go and eat elsewhere. We got in his car and he drove us to this place where we could see the planes. He talked a lot about himself and how he was born in Paris and how he speaks French and is keen on learning more languages. Somehow we got to talking about how I’ve never drank. I’m only 17 and grew up in a very strict home. He had some left over alcohol in his car from a party he said he went to so he poured it in my juice. Within what felt like a few minutes, I started to feel the alcohol. I didn’t realize it would hit me that fast and hard. I told him I didn’t feel good and I wanted to head back to school. He told me I needed to give it a bit and suggested I sit in the back since it was more comfortable. So I moved in the back, not realizing he was going so sit in the back too. He told me to just relax and starting kissing me.

I told him to stop.

He just laughed.

He climbed on top of me. He lifted my dress and got in between my legs.

He stuck his hand over my mouth and told me to just relax and this is what the true university experience is and that I should just relax and breathe.

I shoved him.

He grabbed my hair and pinned my down on the back seat.

He pulled his shorts down and shoved himself inside of me. He told me someone as pretty as me must be used to guys doing this to me.

I tried to fight him off, but he won everytime.

I still remember what he was wearing. black shorts, black long sleeves, a white baseball cap that he wore backwards and a black watch.

Sometimes at night I freak out because I mistake my dogs fur for Alex’s hairy legs against mine.

Alexander Charm, Alex Charm, Alex Charmchi, Alexander Charmchi idek what he likes to call himself these days, is a dirty freak who rapes girls that are new to school.

He takes advantage of your innocence and he’ll steal every bit of it.

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