Expose Cheaters Online Cheaters Alexander Charm, the Millennial Ted Bundy

Alexander Charm, the Millennial Ted Bundy

Hello – my name is Jessica Li and, I’m a rape survivor of Alexander Charmchi. Who also goes by Alexander Charm/ Alex Charm/ Alex Charmchi.

I met him on a random Discord sever early on this year. We were shocked to learn that we both live in Vancouver, since usually you tend to meet people in other parts of the world in Discord. We started messaging, then calling, then video chatting with each other. Tbh I’ve always had my walls up when it comes to meeting ppl online but Alex made me feel so safe. He’s charming, funny in his very own way, always had an opinion about everything and, knows how to keep a convo going. I’m not a talker, so it was nice to be around someone who likes to talk. Alex liked to call me on his drive to work/school/home. He would tell me how much he wanted to meet me in person, bc he wanted to hold me in his arms. He would say that I’m the best listener he’s ever met, which made me feel special.

One day he finally convinced me to meet. For our first date he picked out Sun Sui Wah on Main and, we went there for dinner. Since it was our first time meeting I drove myself to the resto. Dinner with Alex was great. He was a gentleman and, just as charming in person.

We went out countless times after this.

The last time I said yes to a date with him, he asked to pick me up bc he wanted to spend as much time with me as possible which I thought was so sweet, a real charmer. He told me he wanted to take me to one of his fave spots, the dyke in Ladner. We had such a nice walk, by the time we got to the car the sun set already. He told me he had to fix his laces and, asked me to put his backpack in the back seat for him. When I opened the door to the back seat I felt him stand behind me, before I could say anything he already shoved me in the back seat. I asked him what he’s doing and, he told me he’s giving me a really big present, then pointed to his erection. I tried to open the door to get out but he had it on child lock, he planned this. I said to him I did not want to have sex with him over and over hoping he would stop. He kept groping me, he pulled my shirt down and, he pulled my leggings off. I told him to stop. Ignoring what I said, Alex went in between my legs and, forced himself into me. I kept telling him he was hurting me, and he needed to stop. Each time I expressed that he was hurting me, it just seemed to turn him on even more. After what felt like an eternity, he was finally done assaulting me. I was in shock. He told me to put my clothes back on and, he took me home. I ran out of the car and, he ran after me. He grabbed me, hugged me and, told me that he’s falling in love with me – is this guy for real?

A real mental case.

Alexander Charmchi is a threat to women everywhere. I urge every woman out there to stay away from him. Look past his charming ways and, see the vile soul that lives in him. I should have believed all these posts about him. But he was so convincing. Saying that it’s a crazy, vengeful ex who’s on a ‘crusade’ to destroy his ‘good name’. Idk who hurt you Alex, but hurting women is not going to help you feel better. I hope you get some real help. Until then, he is a danger to women everywhere.

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