Darren Ambler/sociopath/Sex & Drug addict/Herpes/ Rapist/Pornography/Brain Damage/Illegitimate children/Incompetent parent/ Liar/ NJ:

DARREN AMBLER aka….DARREN SCOTT AMBLER…aka “Busted Balloon..aka..”Demented Darren”..”Quarter of an inch”. Darren is a mentally deranged PROSTITUTE, SEX and DRUG Addict. Darren has had sex with probably 100 or more women over the past few years. He is a Pathological Liar, Sex Addict and Drug abuser. He will screw anything that moves. Darren Ambler was…(Continue Reading)

Paul Clarkson at the Sun allows a culture of institutional racism.

Idiotic moron Paul Clarkson the managing editor at the Sun allows Sun employee Rebecca Husselbee to sexually harrass Muslim children online. Vile sexual abuser Rebecca Husselbee stalks and sexually harrasses Muslim women online. How much #racism can a person carry? Sometimes the answer is the unlimited amount, as long as, like @becca_husselbee, the person is…(Continue Reading)